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    Devon and Cornwall Police lose 0845 Low...

    This is due to change in September 2011. It will be a simple one rate call for mobile or fixed lines. That is 15 pence per call, however short or long...

    By pobox112 at 18:15 on 22/07/11, 0 comments

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    Devon County Council Did Nothing Until 2011?...

    BT Openreach has been busy rolling out fibre optic broadband since 2009. Managing to avoid the Devon County Council area for 2 years to date.


    By pobox112 at 12:09 on 15/06/11, 0 comments

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    Devon CC Superfast Broadband Delivery

    What is of concern is that the Areas that have 'won' funding in England share the same percentage and end delivery date of superfast or improved...

    By pobox112 at 18:04 on 12/06/11, 0 comments

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    Devon Superfast Broadband - Result!

    Devon has had a successful bid for a funding package. So those areas that are not on the fibre optic roll-out plan are now on this other funding....

    By pobox112 at 10:33 on 27/05/11, 0 comments

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    Devon Broadband - Update

    There is a House of Commons Debate on Thursday 19th May - this highlights the 'political will' of providing faster broadband. I would like to see at...

    By pobox112 at 14:30 on 17/05/11, 0 comments

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    Devon Superfast Broadband - Not!

    71% rise in profits as BT hails broadband success. BT will also double the speed of superfast broadband to the cabinet (FTTC) in 2012. All great news...

    By pobox112 at 12:11 on 12/05/11, 0 comments

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    No Internet or Nearly No Internet?

    In May, from less than a pound a day with no telephone line required you can have10Mbps downstream 4 Mbps upstream via satellite. What the download...

    By pobox112 at 11:47 on 25/04/11, 0 comments

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    The Cloud

    This is the growing aspect of here and now online growth that Devon County Council ignores. Their aspect is one of watching over 90 percent of...

    By pobox112 at 12:59 on 18/04/11, 0 comments

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    Another Opportunity for Devon County Council...

    Fujitsu, one of the world's largest technology and communications companies, today announced plans to work in collaboration with Virgin Media,...

    By pobox112 at 22:43 on 13/04/11, 0 comments

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    Over 90 percent of Devon in Fibre Optic...

    156 New Locations for Fibre Optic Broadband released to-day. There is nothing in the Devon County Council Area. BT has dressed up Plympton and...

    By pobox112 at 04:38 on 08/04/11, 0 comments

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